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All five patients increased LDL cholesterol levels Figure 5.

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Figure 5. In three patients we gradually decreased blood lowering medication to zero within five days. In one patient antihypertensive drugs at night antihypertension medication was fully tapered while the other one was halved by the 5th day.

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Despite tapering antihypertensive medication blood pressure remained in the normal range Figure 6. Figure 6.

Blood pressure on the paleolithic ketogenic diet without or with lowered antihypertensives were similar to that measured previously on the Western-type diet with blood pressure lowering medication.

Medications taken on the paleolithic ketogenic diet become unnecessary given that blood sugar and blood pressure normalize on the paleolithic ketogenic diet.

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Moreover, there is a need to taper medications because of their negative impact on metabolism and because of their hepatotoxic effect. Originally four patients were taking medications on a daily basis 2,3,4,5. Tapering medications was guided by the laboratory data and by our preexisting experience in this regard.

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By the 5th day: Patient 2 discontinued all four medications. Patient 3 discontinued six of his eight medicines.

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Patient 4 discontinued all his eight medicines. Patient 5 discontinued four out of his six medicines, and halved the dose of the remaining one medicine.

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Patients subjectively On the last day of the program all patients reported improved well-being. This is likely due to the cessation of previous complaints. Patients reported the following improvements: Patient 1: A marked decrease in longstandig leg pain due to surgery, and increased antihypertensive drugs at night Patient 2: Preexisting pain of the shoulder disappeared Patient 3: Diarrhea and distension standing for several years disappeared Patient 5: Swelling of the feet disappeared Two patients reported transient diarrhea.

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This is a usual complaint during dietary transiton. All patients reported the program to be effective. It can be said that by the fifth day patients got shaped into a real team.

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Patients said that this community experience contributed antihypertensive drugs at night keep motivation and to get through the initial difficulties. Upon completing the five-day program all patients opined that they would continue the paleolithic ketogenic diet.

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Alcoholic drinks It is generally believed that dl of wine does no harm or even beneficial. This claim has never been scientifically proved. Our experience indicate that wine, for example, is particularly harmful.

Previously we used to have a patient who suffered from psoriasis. This patient did not improved on the paleolithic ketogenic diet until he stopped drinking his usual small amount of wine.

A major problem with wine is that all wine types contain sulfides which is used during the production of wines. There are substances in the wine which may elevate intestinal permeability and then enter the circulation giving rise to allergic reactions.

Breakfast: antihypertensive drugs at night, white sausage, bacon, liver, eggs, greaves, cucumber Lunch: soup, roasted rib, fried baby pumpkin, fried lard Raw materials and the prepared foods: dishes were prepared using meat and offal from organic, farm-raised animals.

Our chef did not use poultry and only used animal fats.

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The amount of plant food was minimal.