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However, its prognostic value in routine clinical practice has been scarcely explored. Accordingly, we aimed at investigating whether RVEF is associated with 2-year all-cause mortality in patients who underwent diverse cardiovascular procedures and to test whether RVEF can overcome conventional echocardiographic parameters in terms of outcome prediction.

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Patients and Methods Hypertension algorithm 2021 hundred and seventy-four patients were retrospectively identified who underwent clinically indicated transthoracic echocardiography comprising 3D acquisitions. The primary endpoint of our study was all-cause mortality at two years.

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Patients with adverse outcomes had significantly lower RVEF alive vs. However, tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion 21±7 vs.

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Conclusions Conventional echocardiographic measurements may be inadequate to support a granular risk stratification in patients who underwent different cardiac procedures. RVEF may be a robust clinical parameter, which is hypertension algorithm 2021 associated with adverse outcomes Export References.

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