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They present the methods of blood pressure variability measurement, clinical value and relationships with target organ damages and risk of presence of cardiovascular events. They collect data about the prognostic value of blood pressure variability and the effects of different antihypertensive drugs on blood pressure variability.

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They underline that in addition to reduction of blood pressure to target value, it is essential to influence blood pressure fluctuation and decrease blood pressure variability, because blood pressure fluctuation presents a major threat for the hypertensive subjects.

Data from national studies are also presented. They welcome that measurement of blood pressure variability has been included in international guidelines.

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Dialízisközpont Budapest Halmi u. The number of individuals with high blood pressure and the increasing risk, morbidity and mortality caused by who high blood pressure guidelines despite modern therapy do not decrease sufficiently.

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Hypertension has become a public health issue. Prevention and effective care require integrated datasets about many features, clinical presentation and therapy of patients with hypertension.

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The lack of this database in Hungary prompted the development of the registry which could help to provide population-based data for analysis.

Data collection and processing was initiated by the Hungarian Society of Hypertension in Data recording into the Hungarian Hypertension Registry was performed four times,and the registry currently contains data obtained frompatients.

Recommended Articles A serdülőkori hypertonia prevalenciája növekszik. A jelenleg elérhető európai ajánlás a diagnózis felállításához ismételt eseti méréseket tart szükségesnek, nem követeli meg az ambuláns vérnyomás-monitorozás elvégzését. Az elmúlt években a serdülőkori ambuláns vérnyomás-monitorozással kapcsolatosan számos adat látott napvilágot. Bizonyított, hogy eredményei jobban korrelálnak a célszervkárosodásokkal, mint az eseti mérések. Szekunder hypertonia gyanúja esetén is hasznos adatokat nyerhetünk.

The registry provides data on cardiovascular risk of the hypertensive populations and the effectiveness of antihypertensive therapy in Hungary. Based on international experience and preliminary analysis of data from the Hungarian Hypertension Registry, establishment of hypertension registry may support the effectiveness of public health programs.

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A further step would be needed for proper data management control and the application of who high blood pressure guidelines principles of evidence-based guidelines in the everyday nephrogén magas vérnyomás mi ez. AIM: Who high blood pressure guidelines aim of our study was to compare the blood who high blood pressure guidelines, the achievement of target blood pressure and heart rate of non-smokers and non-drinkers in the middle-aged hypertensive patients with those who smoke and drink regularly.

METHOD: From the database of the Hungarian Hypertension Registry, 12 patients men and women who high blood pressure guidelines years were included in the current analysis, who self-reported smoking habit and alcohol consumption.

The percentage of regular smokers was The ratio of patients reaching goal blood pressure values was higher in all investigated groups of females than males p Regular alcohol consumption and smoking decrease the chance of reaching blood pressure goal values in middle-aged, treated hypertensive patients.

According to an ESH Newsletter published inthe prevalence of resistant hypertension is 2. Analysing only the therapy of hypertensive patients of the Hypertension Outpatient Clinic of the University of Szeged, the authors wanted to answer following main questions: How many patients were therapeutically resistant according to the definition of resistant hypertension? How many patients were taking 3 or more antihypertensive drugs? How many of these patients reached target SBP values? How many drugs were usually used in combination therapy?

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